Episode #011: The Black Not Sorry Episode w/ Dy-min Johnson


Episode #011 of Ur Internet Friends Podcast is out now!

In this episode, we bring you Isaac and Dy-min chatting about being Black entrepreneurs who are not sorry af! Dy-min Johnson (@bigbossdymin) is the co-founder of Not Sorry Apparel, an inclusive & sustainable fashion brand for people who are not sorry for being themselves. Dy-min shares her experience being a Black business owner in Detroit and balancing adulting + finances. Internet crushes are shared, which just so happened to both be Black photographers... we LOVE to see it!

Dy-min's Internet Crush: @kaibyrd_

Isaac's Internet Crush: @jheydamc

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Title text reads “Ur Internet Friends Podcast” in a futuristic font in light blue on a purple background. Text reads: “Episode #011: The Black Not Sorry Episode w/ Dy-min Johnson” The big collage torn picture is of Dy-min, a Black woman with mid-length black locs and a pastel pink and blue headscarf. She wears light tinted sunglasses, a pink shawl, and carries a black tote bag that says Black Not Sorry.

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