Zine Issue #003: 2020, but Make It Festive
The zine open to 2 pages. The page on the left is depicts an article titled "My Holiday Season as a Muslim in the United States." The page on the left depicts a hand-drawn virtual holiday bingo card.

Zine Issue #003: 2020, but Make It Festive

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Physical print copy of Issue #3 of Ur Internet Friends Zine, “2020, but Make It Festive”

Over 30 pages of FULL color art and words from a wide range of artists and creatives from around the world and traditionally marginalized backgrounds about their holiday experience. 

Some of the topics touched on in this zine include:

  • Making the holidays more accessible
  • Experiencing the winter holidays as a Black Autistic person
  • Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Diwali
  • Celebrating the holidays with chosen family
  • Winter solstice
  • Holidays as a child of divorce
  • ...and MORE!

Edited by Isaac Coenca & Rachel Kennelly. Printed in the USA.

100% of proceeds go towards continuing to build this platform by and for marginalized creatives, printing costs of future issues, and keeping our website running. We are entirely independent, and we rely on our internet friends’ support to stay afloat. Thank you for supporting us!